Forex Barclays Expert Advisor

At some point nearly all Forex traders who actively trading would ask or seek for a holy grail system which is the most profitable system that never loss or perhaps the best robot / EA auto trading software that always win all the time. These are totally understandable as long as we could all agree, nobody and no system can predict the market and correct 100%, all we can do is to find the almost perfect system that will predict the market with the least inaccuracy and sometimes along with implementing the next level skill, which is the ability to manage most wrong turns into our favor successfully.

Barclays EA also aware that each trader has their own personal goals that they wish to achieve. We highly treasure whether our client wishes to earn 15, 20, 30, 50, 100, 200 or more than 1000%  in a certain period day/month/year. Generally, our recommendation is to set for 30 – 50% monthly grow, this will give you up to 13,000% return in a year when compounded (let the monthly profit stay as your balance).

Recommendations :

  • Advisor Category: Trend, Scalper
  • Work best on H1
  • Minimum account size recommended 500$ or 500 cent account for one pair!
  • For XAUUSD use at least 1000$ or 1000 cent account deposit!
  • Leverage 500:1.

Expert Advisor Parameters:

Myfxbook results for currency pairs:

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Myfxbook results for XAU/USD:

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Myfxbook results from 2015 till today

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Signal Analysis: Indicators Double OsMa, Advance Price Action, Support and Resistance, Barclays Elite-Signature Analysis System. Multipair System (Candle Price Action, RSI, Waddah ADX-Bollinger, Moving Average).

Profitability: 90%

Profit Potential: 5% to more than 50% monthly or 50%-2000% yearly

Maximum Risk Drawdown: 11%

Works With Any MT4 Trading Brokerage

Unlimited Licenses For All Your MT4 Accounts

No Trading Experience Required

US Brokers | Non-US Brokers

No Trading Account Limitations

Here’s what you will get when you join…

Software – You will get a full non-expiring version of the exact software with the same settings that I used to execute all those winning trades that I just showed you.

Support – I want to see you thrive at trading. And that’s why I will give you my full support for anything at all. Whenever you need help just reach out to me to my personal email address.

Step-by-Step Beginner Friendly User Guide – My beginner friendly user guide will take you step-by-step and show you exactly how to install, setup and profit with the Forex Barclays Expert Advisor (it’s really easy).

Updates – And of course updates are included absolutely free. If we find ways to improve Forex Barclays Expert Advisor even further, you will get access to the new updated versions immediately.

Forex Barclays Expert Advisor